Financial Times: Central Europe grows at fastest in nine years

Central Europe’s fastest expansion for nine years and strong growth in German spurred the EU’s vigorous economic recovery in the third quarter. The eurozone and the EU both grew by 0.6 per cent quarter on quarter, and 2.5 per cent year on year. Germany expanded 2.8 per cent year on year.

Core Europe, and especially Germany, is growing strongly, and dragging others with it, especially countries in CEE, which are closely linked into its supply chain; wage growth is driving up private consumption.

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PIB-ul Romaniei, crestere de 8,8% in 3Q2017 vs 3Q2016

Datele preliminarii publicate astazi de INS arata ca PIB-ul Romaniei a marcat la finele trimestrului al treilea din acest an (3Q2017) o crestere de 2,5% fata de trimestrul anterior (trimestrul II), de 7% in perioada 01.01.2012017-30.09.2017 fata de aceeasi perioada a anului trecut, si de 8,8% fata de 3Q2016.

Acest al treilea trimestru al anului 2017 este al noualea trimestru consecutiv de crestere, fiind totodata semnificativ peste asteptarile analistilor, si venind dupa o crestere consistenta si in trimestrul anterior, de 6,1%.

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Erste Bank: Economic growth likely accelerated in 3Q17 in CEE

We expect that economic growth likely remained very strong in CEE, despite already having seen strongly upbeat figures in 2Q17. The engine of growth is not just domestic demand, but also external demand. Tuesday will draw the focus on Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

We think that the growth figures have all managed to increase on a yearly basis, ranging between 3.4% and 6.5%, with the strongest annual growth expected in Romania and the least strong in Slovakia.

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TGN la 9m 2017: profit de 433,5 mil lei; in crestere cu 21%

TGN a raportat un profit net de 433,5 milioane lei pe primele 9 luni ale anului 2017, in crestere cu 21% fata de acelasi interval al anului anterior pe fondul cresterii veniturilor din activitatea de exploatare cu circa 5%, pana la 1,3 miliarde lei. Volumele transportate au fost de 9,2 milioane mc.

Compania a inregistrat o crestere de 288% a veniturilor din activitatea de echilibrare de la 23,8 la 92,3 milioane lei in primele noua luni din 2017 fata de aceeasi perioada din 2016. Pe 3Q2017, rezultatele sunt insa in scadere.

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