Perspective bune pentru Romania, in ciuda problemelor sale!

2016 ar putea fi anul din care Romania isi va consolida si accentua tendintele pozitive in plan economic, cu sanse mari in a se propulsa pana la statutul de adevarat “star” al Europei in ciclul economic ce se prefigureaza a fi unul pozitiv.

Cu o crestere economica anuala estimata la circa 5% pentru 2016 si 2017 Romania pare a fi foarte bine pozitionata si pe harta investitorilor straini. Produsul Intern Brut per capita ar putea depasi pragul de 50% din media europeana in 2018.

 ROMANIA – a star of the EU post-crisis economic cycle
 Better prospects in the mid-run on the back of the domestic demand
 Improvement of the potential output, with a relatively balanced contribution of the
production factors and declining debt
 A better outlook for fixed investments, with spill-over effects for the whole economy
 Unsustainable policy-mix, increasing probability of a new monetary cycle
 ROMANIA – a stability pillar at the EU borders, a potential financial HUB for SEE
 Important development perspectives for the financial economy
 Higher disposable income, low interest rates, high attractiveness determined by the
spreads, relative valuations and by the RON appreciation perspectives
 The bonds markets – already included in the Emerging Class, the same would happen
with the equity markets in the following quarters

Outlook of the Romanian Economy in 2016 (1)



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