Deficitele in crestere, pericol pentru economia romaneasca

Cresterea economica surprinzator de buna inregistrata de Romania in prima jumatate a anului, sustinuta in mod special de cresterea consumului, a venit insotita de o majorare a deficitului comercial si a deficitului de cont curent, spun analistii Raiffeisen Bank intr-un raport transmis investitorilor marti.

Propunerea de exceptare de la plata impozitelor si taxelor a tuturor pensiilor ar putea produce la nivelul bugetului public un deficit de 2,2 miliarde lei in 2017, respectiv 0,3% din PIB.

Strengthening of economic growth was accompanied by the enlargement of the foreign trade deficit and of the current account deficit in the first half of the year. According to our in-house seasonally adjusted data, in H1 2016 balance for foreign trade with goods and services posted a deficit amounting to around 1.5% of GDP (annualized data). Also the current account deficit amounted to 3.6% of GDP in H1 2016.

(Vezi raiff-economic-overview-romania-_-july-2016)


On 6 September, the Senate – one of two Chambers of the Parliament – voted to exempt from taxation all pensions starting January 2017. Currently, the standard tax rate of 16% applies to pensions exceeding RON 1050. However, in order to be effective the amendment to the Fiscal Code has to be approved by the Chamber of Deputies – the other Chamber of the Parliament – and subsequently to be ratified by the President. If enforced, the measure is foreseen to have a negative impact on the public budget deficit for the year 2017 amounting to around RON 2.2bn or 0.3% of GDP.


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